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What My Dog Taught Me About Servant Leadership

It was the middle of the night and my dog Flash would not stop barking.

I waited and waited, tossing and turning, but he just kept going. I finally got up, opened the door to my room, and yelled downstairs, “Flash, stop it!”

He paused for a moment and I thought I would finally be able to sleep in peace. Then he started barking again!

So I yelled at him again, “Flash, be quiet!”

After I screamed he stopped again so I walked back to my bed and climbed in ready to fall back asleep.

And then, you guessed it, he started barking again!

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36 Predictive Quotes To Help You Follow Your Dreams

Have you ever had someone make comments that lead you to doubt yourself or your dreams? Have you ever had someone tell you that your idea was just too crazy to work? When we get too caught up in what other people are saying or thinking (even if they are “experts”) we can miss out […]

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In The Toolbox Of A Great Leader

This is a guest post by Lawrence Namale. Lawrence is an author of ’21 Commandments to Mastermind Your Comeback’, available on Amazon Kindle.  He is also an upcoming author of the books, Masterminding Your Comeback (June/July 2014), Permission for Greatness (December 2014), and Self Executive Officer (June/July 2015).He is the Country head of Top Image Ghana, a consulting firm that majors in Mobile […]

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The Guest Post No One Would Touch

I had an idea for an article and I thought it would be perfect as a guest post on someone else’s site. So after writing it I started sending it out for consideration. Then a funny thing happened that I did not expect. I started to get rejected. One after the other, “Sorry Chris but…” […]

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Rules: Are They Secretly Killing Your Teams?

When I first started out as a high school basketball coach I wanted my players to behave a certain way so I set a lot of rules. These rules included everything from “Do not be late,” to “Do not walk while you are on the basketball court.” Does this sound familiar? When the players obeyed […]

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